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EmBitz 2.41 cannot close program
SinceĀ EmBitz version 2.41 sometimes I cannot close the program window.

This can be recognized by the fact that the context menu of the project in the sub-window "Management" has some grayed-out items. A consequence of this when I want to exit the application only an information/warning sound is played and there is no chance to close the window (it can be only closed when killing its process by the task manager).


It seems to be that this issue occurs when I have changed/added new files to the project.

Can it be possible that this issue has something to do that I have its own .ebp file as a project file?

Thank you in advance!

Do you have a reproducible sequence or project with the bug?
That would be very helpful.

Thank you for your answer.

Up to now I have no reliable sequence to reproduce this behavior.
It seems to be not depending on inlcuding the .ebp-file inside the project itself.

I have used all versions of EmBlocks/EmBitz since 2015 and work almost in the same manner since then.
Only since I installed version 2.41 this strange behavior occurred first.

I will try to reproduce this error for myself before I reply into this thread again...

* I removed including the .map file in my project files
* also removed the .ebp file itself in the project files
* no file has a write protection in the file system (NTFS)

The error does not occur when compiling a single file.
But the error occurs when building the project (every time).
It seems that linking is the cause.
What do you mean with "also removed the .ebp file itself in the project files"?
to be able to check changes in the .ebp file, e.g. compiler options, I usually include the .ebp file as a link inside the project -> this lets me quickly open the file inside EmBitz (the project file I sent to you via private messsage does not inlcude this any longer)
You sent me an .ebp project file per PM without any source files.
Should I be able to reproduce the bug like this? I only get a message that a pre-build step is not working (misc\remove_sysinfo.o.bat).

Could you copy your project and make it bare minimum with still the bug there? and zip that whole project and PM it to me?
Hello embitz,

I found out some more things:
  • the picture of the context menu with the grayed out entries is also regularly like that during the build process
  • in my project it just doesn't change back, so some entries are still not selectable
  • surprisingly: if I start "build" again after the error (NOT "rebuild" all files), then of course nothing is compiled and linked anymore, but the context menu is then correct again! -> that would be an acceptable workaround for me -> I think that the source of the error is rather the codebocks substructure than your own Embitz code
  • in my project there is a part (subdirectory), in which old firmware sources are located, which were originally written for a C166 Infineon MCU and were rewritten by me for ARM compatibility -> if I now comment out the jump into this firmware, then the error does not occur any more! Since there are no errors when compiling, it must indeed be the linker, because the prebuild and postbuild steps are proven not to generate the error -> this shows that by some property of the old C166 code the linker gets messed up.... I can see from the output that the build process is finished (and went through without errors and created a correct binary) but this is apparently not quite true, because the restricted context menu shows that the build process is not finished yet... only by running "build" again Embitz recognizes that now everything is done and releases the blocked context menu
  • we have to stop investigating this at this point, because I can't release the code of the old firmware (I'm still adapting it to the ARM peripherals, so hopefully later the bug won't be there anymore).

Thanks a lot for your effort!

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