New Embitz 2.0 is coming soon, highlights:


Part of the new Embitz eco system is the EBlink cortex-M tool.
EBlink can already be used and is available as a windows (x32/x64) installer.

Warning: Stop updating your stlink/v2 firmware if you want to keep using it for non-STmicro mcu's.

EBlink windows installer ( build date 20 November 2020 10:49:44)
Link V3.8(57) with auto tcp port and probe/target listing (IDE integration)

MD5: 62e08b00f08bdf1ec10c0d1ba0681316

For Linux64 and RaspberryPi builds please check github.

EBlink github


Forum for EBlink and Embitz is hosted at

EmBitz 1.10

MD5: 6b4f0301a6d42614995bd101accddfab

All the code is not yet signed with certificates but will be done in a couple of weeks.