EmBitz 2.41

  • Added SVD viewer register cluster support e.g.  Used by Atmel SVD
  • Added SVD viewer place holders support in ‘derivedFrom’ attribute  e.g. Used by Atmel SVD
  • SVD viewer bug fix: Unaligned SVD files could crash EmBitz 
  • SVD viewer bug fix: Register sizes not handled correctly all the time

EmBitz 2.40

  • Installer fix
  • Some minor bug fixes

EmBitz 2.30

  • Bugfix project loading with read-only source files.
  • Bugfix EBlink interface speed was connected to FLASH_SIZE
  • Bugfix DDE is always working
  • Some minor bug fixes like close on taskbar doesn’t crash anymore etc.

Previous versions:

EmBitz 2.10

The focus of this release is the debug session saving functionality. The whole debug session saving is redesigned and some additional project events are introduced in the SDK to make this work as everybody would expect.   The debug session saving is now also working between projects in the same workspace and is saving a lot of debug settings like breakpoints (data, code, conditional etc), memory view, watch window, etc.

The debug session saving must be enabled in Settings->Tools->Debugger settings->Save debug sessions (.eds)

The most important changes:

  • Debug session saving redesigned
  • Memory view has now a lock possibility to prevent accidental address change
  • Latest debug plugin (bug solved for MI parsing)
  • Latest EBmonitor plugin (bug solved for stdin)
  • EBlink 4.5[4] (with support additional STlink and bug fixes)
  • Bug fix debug settings saving
  • Bug fix doxygen settings saving
  • Added additional GCC 9 switches to compiler options
  • Menu item “delete all watches” bug fix
  • A lot of minor bug fixes and small updates…