Feature List

EmBitz Feature List


  • Written in C++. No interpreted languages or proprietary libs needed.
  • Extensible through plugins
  • Fully optimized for bare metal development


  • Multiple compiler support, shipped with Launchpad GNU 9.3
  • Very fast custom build system (no makefiles needed)
  • Support for parallel builds (utilizing your CPU’s extra cores)
  • C/C++ mixed projects
  • Multi-target projects
  • Workspaces to combine multiple projects
  • Inter-project dependencies inside workspace


  • With tailor made GDB
  • Standalone EBlink integration
  • Supports live variables, memory and OS views
  • Supports hot plugging, connect running target without stopping and use the live variables.
  • Full breakpoints support:
    • Code breakpoints
    • Data breakpoints (read, write and read/write)
    • Breakpoint conditions (break only when an expression is true)
    • Breakpoint ignore counts (break only after certain number of hits)
  • Display local function symbols and arguments
  • User-defined expressions watches with live capabilities
  • Call stack
  • Disassembly
  • Custom memory dump
  • View CPU registers
  • View System registers and modify them with extensive descriptions if available in the SVD file.  
  • Loads crashdumps which are collected in EmBitz crashdump format. Shows callstack, exception  cause and non-optimized variables during the crash. 
  • Supports debugger plugin’s, currently
    • EBmonitor, a high speed bidirectional terminal with minimal impact on target performance (alternative for semihost).
    • OS view, look realtime at your OS performance


  • Syntax highlighting, customizable and extensible
  • Code folding for C, C++, XML and many more files.
  • Tabbed interface
  • Code completion
  • Class Browser
  • Smart indent
  • One-key swap between .h and .c/.cpp files
  • Open files list for quick switching between files (optional)
  • External customizable “Tools”


  • To-do list management with different users
  • Hex editor
  • Cscope
  • FileDiff
  • SpellChecker
  • DoxyBlocks
  • CodeCompletion
  • Atmel studio loader
  • uVision project loader
  • MPlab8 porject loader
  • Auto versioning
  • Auto save
  • etc ( about 40 plugins in total)


And many more features provided through plugins!