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programming 1.8V controller

I'm using STM32F466 at 1.8V with Embitz 2.0. Sometimes it happens that ST-Linkv2 reads out "only" 1.79V and EBlink refuses to program the chip.
It would be nice if EBlink would accept 100mV tolerance here.
Well, that's easy to solve.
Just overrule the VCC in the interface settings by 1.8



If you look into the flash/f7_f4_f2.script file you can see where it did go wrong and how that VCC_VOLTAGE is overruling the detected voltage


        // Check the voltage and set the right flash strategy
        if (isScriptObject("VCC_VOLTAGE") && VCC_VOLTAGE>0)
            voltage = VCC_VOLTAGE
            printf("CLI vcc voltage: %f \n", voltage)
            voltage = intrfApi.targetVoltage()

        if(voltage  < 1.8)                         <-- without override this throws your error


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