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EBlink latest changes
Update for win32 EBlink 4.4-[31]. 
EBlink will close on windows hibernation. 

This make sense because the debug probe is also powered off.

Sometimes, e.g. when machine was put to sleep with EMbitz still in debug mode, there were unpredictable things going on when the machine was brought back to live. EBlink was still running but the actual probe was lost.

Normally EBlink catches the fact that the probe is lost (also on the linux builds) but in case of a power down this sequence is different.

How to update:
If an older version is already installed, just launch the new installer and you will get the option to replace the old one by uninstalling it.
This procedure is also valid for the EBlink installed during EmBitz installation. You only need to install the new EBlink and not the complete EmBitz package.

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