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default specs
When connecting a new version of GCC, an error appears - the default.specs file is missing.
This is a specification file, it allows you to use the libraries available in GCC - in all new and old user projects. On top of the main configuration files.
It turned out like this:

%rename link_gcc_c_sequence                def_link_gcc_c_sequence


%{specs=rdimon.specs:-lrdimon} %{specs=ebmon.specs:-lebmon} -lnosys

%(def_link_gcc_c_sequence) --start-group %G %(def_libc) %(def_libgloss) --end-group

How to use GCC 100%?
You could specify them on the linker options tab in the "Others" list.
Connected new gcc-arm-none-eabi-10-2020-q4-major. Traditionally, it swears at default.specs, and now also at ebmon.specs.
From the new - the terrible intolerance of a double announcement. Where it was possible before, now it is impossible.
The size of the binary has decreased by a couple of bytes, and it's not even clear where.
And the main thing is that the compiler now sees the boundaries of the arrays !!! When you go beyond the boundaries of the array, a weak (blue) warning pops up !!!
I'm only interested in one thing - where is the default.specs required, and how to disable it permanently.

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