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Suggestions future releases
@EdoNork, The answer is yes I consider it.

I'm not only consider it but I think that in the future Linux will be the platform to use for embedded development because windows is moving towards the google approach as a "in the cloud" operating system, something I don't like at all.

But your next question will be; when? and that's something I can't predict right now. There are more then 10 libraries/applications which much be ported with a lot of modifications. Further, the whole setup is now optimized to work smoothly in windows with a lot of OS specific tweaks which should be done for Linux and should also be tested.

If you need a native platform for Linux then perhaps CB is the way to go. I don't know how they improved their embedded development features over the years, I didn't checked it for a long long time. In the past the desktop development was sacred and you couldn't add embedded related stuff easily (or not at all).
EmBlocks Wrote:What is wrong with keyboard short cuts?
If we put everything in the context menu then you get such a long menu that it isn't workable any more.


I'm not saying put everything in right click menu, just put it under edit or something like advanced sub menu(like keil) or ...

Comment related commands are very common & useful and in many IDEs , they are in right click menu somehow (like keil ,coocox CoIDE, ...).
Ok, I will take a look at Keil and see how they did it.
Debug Toolbar
May I suggest adding two options in the debug toolbar. One is to add the "run to cursor" option to the toolbar. A second suggestion is an option/button to bring to view the line of code the PC is on for when the PC out of view. If for example, the PC is on a line outside of view in a source file, it is easy to relocate the PC while scrolling and browsing source files.

Watch Window
Global variables in the Watch window have the "Edit Watch" option on right click. Is it possible to add "Edit Watch" to local variables in the watch window? Local variables do not have the option to be displayed in hex for example.

Memory Window
Is it possible to add the ability to modify memory in the Memory window? Is it possible to reduce the number of columns of the Memory window to one column when resizing the window to a minimum?

Build Messages Window
The Build Log window automatically scrolls to the last line of the log after compilation and places the text in view. In contrast, the Build Messages window stays at the top of the log. Can the Build Messages window mimic the Build Log and scroll automatically to the bottom at the conclusion of a compilation?

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Three suggestions which IMHO would greatly improve coding speed/efforts.

1. Change Bookmark hotkeys. Goto previous bookmark is surplus. For Toggle bookmark one could assign e.g. Ctrl+F2 while for Goto next bookmark it should be then F2. After the last bookmark it should start from the beginning. If the hotkeys are convenient it makes no problem to quickly cycle of the bookmarks to find the one needed. Currently it is a torture to recall which keys one needs to press.

2. Add a convenient hot key to toggle between the last two visited opened source files. Currently the Ctrl+Tab opens a list over which one can walk but this I find useless. Normally, there are quite many opened files and walking over the list is very inconvenient. On the other hand I find myself copy/pasting between the same two source files quite frequently and here a convenient hot key would be of great help (may be the same Ctrl+Tab?).

3. Sometimes it is very convenient to see the function name somewhere on the toolbar (or even on the menu bar) in which the cursor is located. For instance, when double-clicking on any line of a search result one navigates to certain line in source file but in order to see to which function that line belongs one has to scroll up. Showing the function name would again be very helpful.

Thanks a lot for EmBitz and consideration!

1) I think you could change the hotkeys to anything that you like (see picture)
2) If you have to switch view between two source files, why don't you use split view so you can see both?
3) Enable the code completion toolbar view which is doing exactly what you want (see picture)

Thank you so much for the clarification.

1. I changed the hot keys as you pointed out and it works great. The only thing is that Goto next bookmark (as well as the Goto previous bookmark) stop cycling once reaching the last bookmark (or the first bookmark) while I would prefer circulation. But may be it is a matter of taste. So if it is not easy to add some check box in the same environment settings for cycling then the way it's now is also fine.

2. Split view could be a solution but there are IMHO disadvantages: i) on notebooks the display size is rather limited and splitting makes the view twice smaller and the perception of the code also strongly degrades, so this normally won't work for me ii) split view may be helpful in cases when one does copy/paste between the same two source files/views but when the files change frequently splitting and unsplitting will take more time than just clicking on the view tabs iii) the idea is to not use the mouse and with minimal keyboard presses achieve copy pasting between two source files/views.

3. That works!

Thanks a lot again for your help and time.
EmBlocks Wrote:@EdoNork, The answer is yes I consider it.

I'm not only consider it but I think that in the future Linux will be the platform to use for embedded development because windows is moving towards the google approach as a "in the cloud" operating system, something I don't like at all.

I guess that you missunderstand that point of the os development of Microsoft. If MS talk about cloud computing, they talk about "company and private clouds" for "traveling salemans", as an example, who are need to use live company data's at every point of the world. They also means internet based services like IP-telephone or conferencing, distributed filesystem. Microsoft attempt to be a telecomunication provider - all of them are for company usage. I am not a fan of cloud computing, but some sitiutations where companies goes this time required this concepts. If Windows are the os of my decision to do this, is more a philosophie discussion - i don't wanna to such one. If you live in a real world, works for a company, uses a windows infrastructure (ADS,Exchange,Sharepoint and some others) it's very recommended to hold on your environment homogene to save money and get the advantages of the windows world.
The Windows Desktop is upcomming again - ms plans to move them to a pad like os has failed (windows 8.0 - Windows 8.1) and cloud computing for regular persons will not be a market.
The backward step of ms to the desktop system is a demonstration of the power of the customers. If the customer don't wanna have such one, the companies must follow them, if they wanna be the #1 worldwide.
Well, Windows10 and the follower, how ever they have to be named by ms, are a worldwide common plateform and runs on a local device (that's maybe smaller, lightweight and faster) for the next decade. MS had rebuild them to be modular and is able to fit them to the next paradigm, how ever this looks like.
An example of cloud computing is the "embed" compiler farm of ARM. Well, nce to play something with it - don't wanna use it for my projects as long if have a local alternative like GNUCC and emBitz - but an interessting concept.

My remark was more about the google approach than cloud computing, If i need a account and register all kind of stuff before I can using the OS then I'm out. I know, I can, deep down, bypass all kind of stuff but I don't like that direction. I understand that MS has to follow google if it want's to survive but I don't like it, so Linux is the way to go I think.

That's my point.

Is there any news about the Release time of NEW version?

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