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Suggestions future releases
CMSIS-DAP support without OpenOCD (very slow)
SWO terminal (100 times faster then semihosting)

I just discovered the mbed - > Embitz export function, it's a great feature.
+1 for linux version
I already tried this program in Windows - it's best! Thanks to author!
Also +1 for a linux version, however:

I am currently running EmBitz on Ubuntu with wine 1.7.55 an STM32F103 and STLinkv2. So far I have only found 2 bugs (with workarounds).
1. If you Cut and Paste it will crash EmBitz, but you can select and drag, or cut out of another program and paste into EmBitz.
2. I haven't managed to get st-util to auto-start when debugging, so for now I start it in a separate terminal window with the -m option (go back to listening for connection, when client disconnects).

Technically #2 is incorrect. I CAN get it to auto-start, but it won't connect until the next time I try to debug, no matter what I set the wait times to.

Would t be posible to save the EmBitz preferences and user data folder in EmBitz folder or in a customizable folder?

That will allow using EmBitz as a portable application (I know debug probes require installed drivers, but simple code editing is perfectly portable).

Thank you.
Yes, I think that this is quite simple to do.

It will be an additional option because there are also users who install tools in protected directories and the only writable place is the user space.
EmBlocks Wrote:...A Linux version is more likely.

Did you considered this?

I'm seriously trying to avoid Windows now and one of the few, but still important, things I will miss very much will be EmBitz.

Thank you.
Hi EmBlocks,

Let me say up front that I really like your IDE.
It would be nice to spawn more than one debug "Examine memory" view window.


I really like your IDE, it's very nice and works as expected.

my request is about your IDE Code Editor:

Could you please add "Comment" & "UnComment" ,.. (Comment commands from Edit Menu) to the Editor Right Click Menu?

For each comment or uncomment after selecting a line (or multiple lines), we have to goto Edit Menu or USE Keyboard Shortcuts, which is not efficient.
What is wrong with keyboard short cuts?
If we put everything in the context menu then you get such a long menu that it isn't workable any more.
Hi EmBlocks,

Can I assume the answer to the Linux version question as a NO?
I will reconfigure my development approach around that answer so that’s why I insist.
Thank you.

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