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Atmel-Ice Debugger

I have a Microchip/Atmel-ICE debugger that works fine using Keil uVision and Atmel Studio but I'd love to try EmBitz.

The problem is I'm not sure about the driver, under Keil, the settings needed to point to CMSIS-DAP..
and in Atmel Studio (GCC), it automatically recognized the debugger (SWD), so not sure what it's using under the hood (gdb server?)

How can I configure EmBitz to use the AT Atmel-ICE debugger?   Can it also do ITM/SWV, and redirect the printf to the console?

Atmel-ICE is a CMSIS-DAP debugger. You need OpenOCD to control it in Embitz.
Luckily CMSIS-DAP is well known to OpenOCD. It comes w. a .cfg file for this.

Good luck

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