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Mbed project in EmBitz 1.1
I have exported an blinky project from ARM Mbed (version 5.6.4) to Embitz.  It compiles without any errors.  However, every time make a change in one of the source files, the entire project recompiles.  In other words there is no difference between Build and Rebuild.  Considering there are hundreds of files in Mbed this takes too much time.  Is there a project setting where this behavior is controlled?

Thanks in advance.
Your project seems to be bad configured. I had a similar problem with the big static data and functions who imported by the application at link time. The entire recompilation consumes much time. I use a classic make file that compiles only the part who are changed.
Fonts and any static functions are moved into a sepperate library that uploaded into the top of flash memory and is override protected. Just the application needs to be recompiled and linked. The advantage of this methode is saving compile and upload time. In addition, this method saves the flash birning cycles, that generally limited by flash memory.
This metode needs to use a detailed scatter file for the linker and needs time to build a make file.

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