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Problem launching debugger from IDE

I'm new to Embitz and am quite impressed with it however, I'm having some problems trying to get the debugger to run against a remote GDBServer that was launched by OpenOCD. It may just be a misconfiguration issue on my part but despite trying numerous different configurations, I can't get it to work.

I have set the interface to 'Generic' and entered the IP address and port of the remote GDBServer but when I try to start debugging, I get an error:

'No debug interfaces configured. You want to do it now?'

There is an interface configured though - perhaps it is misconfigured?

I know the remote GDBServer is working correctly because I can start the version of GDB supplied with EmBitz (arm-gdb.exe) from the command line, connect to it and debug.

Any ideas what I must do to get this to work.


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