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IDE pop's up annoying files!
Every time a debug session is started after flash download to device the IDE pops up the "startup_stm32Fxxxxx.S"
file i recall it was possible to disable this annoying thing but i have forgotten how?
God lord it was so simple!..... If i just could remember everything! Smile
Thanks Gerard!
Ah! Well, now it jumps to Main, i'd like to stay on the particular file i'm debugging?
Sorry, I don't get you. If you step into a function which is in a different source file then it is not possible to keep the PC-line cursor on the previous file.

I think that I'm missing the clue here.
OK i see, my point is  after starting and during debug session e.g testing code and or config settings i want
to stay on that particular line of code i'm alter in that particular source file without IDE constantly jumping
to main or .S file after each "compile/download to flash/execute". Im not single stepping code just
compile/download to flash/execute.

So this is not possible?
Only by setting a breakpoint at that particular location. A rebuild and resume is not available.
Nope, if setting a breakpoint both main and startup pops up after build and one needs to click twice to get to the break point. I dont see why this could not be fixed, a build should always resume to where you are debugging in whatever file your in.

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