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Headless build
Hi there,

we are using EmBitz to build some old software with the RealView compiler, where EmBitz is our alternative to µVision4, since EmBitz is so much faster.
We would like to automate the build, but we could not find a way to do a headless build with EmBitz.
Is there a way to use EmBitz headless / via command line?

Thank you very much for you help.

Best regards


Embitz supports the original code blocks batch build however I'm not sure what the current status is. I solved some issues in the past, you can find the discussions here on the forum.

Use Embitz.exe --help for available commands.

I could solve our problem in the meantime, I just forgot to mention it here.

As you are suggesting, we now use the batch build by calling embitz with "--rebuild". 
I didn't work at first, since we were using version 1.11, but updating to the most recent version solved all our problems. 

I just wish it would have been easier to stumble upon this feature. The only documentation I could find so far is the short section within EmBitz under Settings/Tools/Batch builds.
Good to know that there is also a "--help" command, thank you!

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