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EBLink error: no interface found
Hi, I am a complete newbie. I have just loaded EmBitz 2.62 and EBlink 5.12 on Win 11 pro.

I have an ST Nucleo board ( STM32F303 ) connected to my PC. This board has a built in ST-Link.

I can compile a simple test program, but when I try to Flash Target, I get a 'No interface found' error.

I would much appreciate being pointed in the right direction as to what steps I have missed in the
installation or what I have not configured correctly.

You didn't missed anything. Eblink doesn't find your stlink and I don't know why.

Do you have any info about board and which stlink is used? I never used Windows 11, perhaps usblib is not yet ready for Windows 11?
Does STutil find the interface?
Perhaps the board is mis configured or broken.
Thanks for re-assuring me that I hadn't missed something. I am using the NUCLEO-F303K8 with built in ST-LINK. I had been using it with another IDE just before
installing EmBitz.

I just checked again and the other IDE couldn't find the ST-LINK as well, so the Nucleo board had just coincidentally stopped working after installing Embitz.

I rebooted the PC and re-connected the Nucleo board, then tried Embitz again - and successfully able to program!

Successful with the other IDE as well.

A strange set of events, but I can now start to evaluate Embitz.

Thank You!

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