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Use EBlink with ST-LINK2 on Atmel SAM3X8E CPU
(29-10-2022, 07:49 AM)embitz Wrote: Hi,

This is because there are no script files for this MCU type yet. Only SAM[D,C,L] are currently available in the scripts.
I don't have any boards with these MCU's so I can't add the scripts right now.

A new EmBitz version is coming  with bug fixes special for Atmel users.
There was a bug in the SVD viewer for group registers (like SERCOM SPI,USART etc) and EBlink is updated to version 4.7. with special DSU reset strategies.


I have taken a look into the scripts. The current implementation just checks target.cpuType to be zero (Cortex-M0), otherwise the script stops with an MCU unknown error. 
Probably I have to further check the cpuType (I'm testing with an Arduino Due SAM3X8e, which has cpuType 3 = Cortex M3) It seems, my MCU does not have a DSU unit, instead the identification data comes from a unit called CHIPID. Register CHIPID_CIDR contains information on architecture, Ram and flash sizes etc. You have already put a comment to access idenitifaction with command intrfApi.readMem32(0x400E0940).

I have also checked the SAME70 family specification, these MCUs use the same CHIPID definition like the SAM3X. Maybe there could be a strategy to check this register for all cpuTypes other than Cortex-M0. What do you think?

As far as I understand, I will have to extend the "atmel-auto.script" to call new specialised scripts for each new MCU family. For the existing implementation, there is only "samcd.script", so I have to implement individual script variants like "sam_e.script" etc. I have also seen, that the SAMD uses special reset handling. I do not yet understand what this code does. Can you tell, if this has to be implemented for the non DSU devices too?

Best regards

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