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Errors when linking math lib.
(25-09-2020, 07:59 PM)pdaragon Wrote: Hello,
I try to import a Keil project published by Semtech (firmware of the LoRa SX1261 evaluation kit).
I almost succeeds, but face 5 remaining errors when the linker searches for <math.h> following functions: rint, round, floor, ceil.
I tried to change several options in "Linker setttings/Library selection", but without success.
Please could you help.
I attach the .ebp project with this post (STM32L476RG HAL source files has been removed to limit zip file size to less than 1Mb).
Thanks and regards

You probably need to define math library under project libraries, I don't see any definition there.

I mean Build options->Linker settings->Libraries

Just put a single "m" there (without quotes). You will see "-lm" in you compiler output then.

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