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Attached to Project: EmBitz IDE
Opened by (rtc) - 2016-11-29
Last edited by (EmBitz) - 2016-12-01

Ticket#257 - from-scratch LPC13xx project does not build

when I set a new project using the LPC13xx and the bare-metal compiler, it gives me these errors:

||=== lpctest2, Debug ===|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|27|Error: junk at end of line, first unrecognized character is `<'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|28|Error: junk at end of line, first unrecognized character is `<'|
.\Inc\LPC13xx.h|143|fatal error: core_cm3.h: No such file or directory|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|29|Error: junk at end of line, first unrecognized character is `<'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|31|Error: bad instruction `stack_size EQU 0x00000200'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|33|Error: bad instruction `area STACK,NOINIT,READWRITE,ALIGN=3'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|34|Error: bad instruction `stack_mem SPACE Stack_Size'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|35|Error: bad instruction `__initial_sp'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|38|Error: junk at end of line, first unrecognized character is `<'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|39|Error: junk at end of line, first unrecognized character is `<'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|40|Error: junk at end of line, first unrecognized character is `<'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|42|Error: bad instruction `heap_size EQU 0x00000000'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|44|Error: bad instruction `area HEAP,NOINIT,READWRITE,ALIGN=3'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|45|Error: bad instruction `__heap_base'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|46|Error: bad instruction `heap_mem SPACE Heap_Size'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|47|Error: bad instruction `__heap_limit'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|50|Error: bad instruction `preserve8'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|51|Error: bad instruction `thumb'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|54|Error: bad instruction `vector Table Mapped to Address 0 at Reset'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|56|Error: bad instruction `area RESET,DATA,READONLY'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|57|Error: bad instruction `export __Vectors'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|59|Error: bad instruction `__vectors DCD __initial_sp'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|59|Error: bad instruction `top of Stack'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|60|Error: bad instruction `dcd Reset_Handler'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|60|Error: bad instruction `reset Handler'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|61|Error: bad instruction `dcd NMI_Handler'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|61|Error: bad instruction `nmi Handler'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|62|Error: bad instruction `dcd HardFault_Handler'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|62|Error: bad instruction `hard Fault Handler'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|63|Error: bad instruction `dcd MemManage_Handler'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|63|Error: bad instruction `mpu Fault Handler'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|64|Error: bad instruction `dcd BusFault_Handler'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|64|Error: bad instruction `bus Fault Handler'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|65|Error: bad instruction `dcd UsageFault_Handler'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|65|Error: bad instruction `usage Fault Handler'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|66|Error: bad instruction `dcd 0'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|66|Error: bad instruction `reserved'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|67|Error: bad instruction `dcd 0'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|67|Error: bad instruction `reserved'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|68|Error: bad instruction `dcd 0'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|68|Error: bad instruction `reserved'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|69|Error: bad instruction `dcd 0'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|69|Error: bad instruction `reserved'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|70|Error: bad instruction `dcd SVC_Handler'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|70|Error: bad instruction `svcall Handler'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|71|Error: bad instruction `dcd DebugMon_Handler'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|71|Error: bad instruction `debug Monitor Handler'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|72|Error: bad instruction `dcd 0'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|72|Error: bad instruction `reserved'|
Src\startup_LPC13xx.s|73|Error: bad instruction `dcd PendSV_Handler'|
||More errors follow but not being shown.|
||Edit the max errors limit in compiler options...|
||=== Build finished: 50 errors, 0 warnings (0 minutes, 1 seconds) ===|

I obviously struggles with the assembler style comments and code. With different CPU models (ST for instance) it works.

This ticket does not depend on any other tickets.