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SVD repository
Hello, I am a newbie who is interested in embedded software development. And recently, I started with a stm32F103ZE and Embitz as the beginning of journey. I use stlink v2 as debugger to download and debug software. Normally, the general register like r1,r2,etc could be monitored during debugging while CortexM3 related registers couldn't. And I was reminded to add membership in preference setting which I don't know what to fill into. Could everyone help me with that?
(14-07-2020, 11:28 AM)Mink Wrote:
Thanks Mink, I will try it a few minutes later
I am using 1.11 and wanted to update my local copy of the SVD repository using the SVD repository plugin. Unfortunately it won't work, this is what I get.
Thanks for helping, anyone!

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