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LPC2148: fast_memory_access & dcc_downloads

I am using Embitz 1.11 to program the scepter board from elektor. This board contain a LPC2148.
All works good but I have two warnings in the openocd dos mode window:

First with dcc:
Warn : NOTE! DCC downloads have not been enabled, defaulting to slow memory writes. Type 'help dcc'.

Second with fast memory access
Warn : NOTE! Severe performance degradation without fast memory access enabled.Type 'help fast'.

I try to turn on manually openocd like this:
openocd -f lpc2148.cfg -f olimex-arm-usb-ocd.cfg

Connect with a telnet session with 'telnet localhost 4444' and type:
arm7_9 dcc_dowloads enable
arm7_9 fast_memory_access enable

That normally a good way to disable these warnings and works with a manual openocd/gdb session.

How can I do these commands automatically at the connection of Embitz gdb to openocd.


Use the debug interface "Generic" with devices "All".

Just type the command line arguments and the before and after connect commands for GDB.

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