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EmBitz Latest changes
EmBitz 2.00

This release is a major update and I strongly recommend to make a backup of the projects migrating to 2.00.

The most important changes:
  • The bundled compiler is now from Launchpad and no longer my own compiled version
  • All the special newlib libraries (small, fast etc) are no longer supported.
  • EBmonitor is no longer a linker option (no libraries) but is now on source code level. Just add/remove the code from your project with a single click.
  • EBmnoitor is rewritten and has now also a high-performance mode
  • EBlink is used as the main debug tool, others are only usable as remote GDB (with optional auto launch)
  • STmicro wizard is updated by EmBitz user Mink, many thanks for that!
  • There is now a hotplug menu for debugging
  • There is now a Flash menu to flash a target or dump target memory
  • There are a lot of bug fixes, but really a lot....

The debug speed of this  version in combination with EBlink can compete with the fastest commercial solutions and won't flinch.

Not all the documentation is ready and a lot of things need to be done to get the site back in shape but that will come during the next couple of months.

Have fun.

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