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Suggestions future releases
For the next releases:
- Support ARM SVD for debugger peripheral awareness (XML description of the device internals)
- FreeRTOS viewer debugger plugin
- Options on file level
- Split local and watch view (are now on the same pane).
- Graphical linker script editor plugin for GNU.

Future releases:
- A "Rebuild and run to current line" as debugger option to make corrections "on-the-fly".
If you are running in the targets Ram then this can be very fast.
- PIC32 GDB proxy server (beating a dead horse, Microchip isn't cooperative on this one)

Any user suggestions are very welcome.
From fdan00:
  • 1) the default folder structure (Inc and Src + their default files) is necessary: keep it simple for the users.
    2) the retargetting of a project to a new processor should be done in a way consistent with the initial project set-up.
    3) longer-term: if you could set it up to use picc/picc18, it would be even great.
    4) not sure about the one-ide-for-all-mcu concept: i see its appeal but not many people use all of them. so maybe them can be implemented as separate add-ons/plug-ins. Personally, I would love to see keil/arm c, iar arm, and keil c51 get included.
Great tool, I am very anxious to try the Arm version
Any chance for Microchip's C18 support? Half the MC community will switch to EmBlocks with such support.
DmitriK Wrote:Any chance for Microchip's C18 support? Half the MC community will switch to EmBlocks with such support.

I'm working as freelance consultant hardware/software and the tools that I use (or going to use) are the first that I will build. It's quite a while now that I used those devices because there are a lot of cheaper alternatives with more capabilities.

Nevertheless, I have a framework for the C18 already there but I have to finish it.
DmitriK Wrote:Any chance for Microchip's C18 support? Half the MC community will switch to EmBlocks with such support.

The Beta 1.3 with C18 toolchain support is available.
Awesome, I'll test it out. Just curious, what are the cheaper/more powerful alternatives for 8-bit MCUs? Maybe I should try them. Thanks.

P.S. Any way to lift the PM block (forum)? Need to send you a msg.
If you find bugs in this C18 implementation then I would like your feedback. I have implemented it in the blind because, as I already mentioned, I don't use these tools. I have tested it with the Internet Radio example from Microchip. This example has a full rebuild speed of 4 seconds here.

DmitriK Wrote:P.S. Any way to lift the PM block (forum)? Need to send you a msg.

With two new users I had a problem with registration. They appear in two groups, newly registered and registered. And they get the permissions from newly. I have to remove this newly group by hand to give them full registered permissions. Don't know why I will check the phpBB forum for this.

Anyhow you can send PM's now.

Resolved. A newly registered user had to send 3 posts before it was promoted to registered user with full rights. I have changed this from 3 to 1 post.
I am looking for a replacement IDE for working with an embedded system using the 68HC11E microcontroller.
It is an older system but still in production and needs some updates.
Its firmware is developed using the IAR Embedded Workbench (old version, no longer supported) and now I am tasked with adding new functionality to the system.
The IAR EW IDE sucks big-time!
It is not helping the developer in the writing mode at all....
So I wonder if there is any way to adapt EmBlocks to handle this code?
I need really only the edit environment with the features of EmBlocks to help me along. I can still run IAR to build the target.
But I would love having the C syntax help and all the other nifty editing features available to me.

Is this possible?
If s, how do I go about it?
Bo Berglund
Developer in Sweden
You could make an emblocks project and just import all the relevant files (.c and .h). You can do this very simple with the "Add files recursively..." option in the context menu of the project manager (after you have made an empty project). Maybe you need some C-directories settings in the project so that code-completion can find all the relevant header files.

Now you can edit all the files and still use the IAR workbench to build the project side-by-side.

I looked for information about this compiler but it seems that there is no information at the IAR site anymore. The fancy way is to implement it in EmBlocks but I need all the manuals and binaries to test the compiler implementation. I don't know if this is word all the effort because I think that it is not used for new projects any more.

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