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Suggestions future releases
(18-09-2017, 02:04 PM)Mink Wrote:


There ought to be something, some link or other help for the beginner. There is no help text to speak of for emBitz itself, the help menu just has "About", "Tips", "Plugins...", "emBitz", "ARM", and "MSP430", and under "emBitz" there are 3 entries, all the same file (the release notes).  Nothing on the settings, how to set up a project from scratch, debugging features, etc. (unless it's all under "plugins...").

Perhaps the emBitz help itself is on-line content?
(02-12-2016, 06:38 AM)EmBitz Wrote: But I see the shifting happening at the companies that I visit or working for. The  current starting generation ( youngsters Smile ) are equal used to Linux as to Windows but they grab Linux as their favorite. I think this is due to the fact that the universities and schools have now a days teachers and professors totally used to Linux that this OS is more and more used at the practicum labs. If you need an OS on a small system or big system, Linux is up and running in a couple of minutes without any costs, important for schools. The older generations would love to keep using Windows because they joined the whole journey from Dos, win 3.0 to win3,1 enhanced, win98, NT, XP and 7 but newer generations doesn't have this burden.

I think that Microsoft has the disadvantage of being the first and that they need to change strategy to survive, otherwise they are overtaken by tablets with other OSes like Linux (Android).

Look at Intel, first you are the leader with Z80, 8051 etc,  and a decade further they are  missing the IoT and Mobile market.

Hi Gerald,

Any news/updates on this Embitz for Linux.

Is this still in your planning?

Also, I have a suggestion on might be an incentive for the membership.
Add a page here with a clear list , telling people some of the thing available right now (fix, working add-on, GDB update, state etc...)
Dear forum,
I'm newbie here and I'm looking for free or nonexpensive STM32 IDE, working on Linux platform. I found only AC6, based on awful Eclipse. I'm ready to pay for membership, but earlier wish to know, how is a chance for Linux EmBitz version (and when). Any suggestions?
Of course I extremely suggest such a version for Linux, it can be a hit for a Linux users.

Best regards
I split this thread, the discussion about the future of EB and memberships can be found at:

EB and memberschip future

I understand the complains about memberships and the lack of activity  so I don't except new memberships for now.  The existing members are invited to join the discussion in the above thread.
The developer again disappeared somewhere. The project is completely abandoned. The story is the same as with CooCox.
It will be best, if the author make new release with current codebase, but with newer compilers. The compilers are too old now. I like all features of embitz and for me, they can stay as they are now. Probably this release will not spent a lot of time for the author.
The new version of the compiler can be freely downloaded and installed by yourself. This will not work without the default.specs file.
The format and capabilities of the script file does not have an exact description, it seems to me dynamic. I do not know how to guess with maximum efficiency.
Yeah, but downloaded version of compiler will not support ingenious part of embitz - EBmonitor. To be supported, the author should release sources for ebmon.o file and lots of changes in *.specs files, they include ebmon. If he dont want to release it, he can integrate them into new compiler toolset.

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