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Suggestions future releases
It would be nice, I EmBitz can open or convert CubeMX Projekts :-)
At this moment I try Cube2Block from the Russian side
what about support of STM32L03x series in project wizard?
onvav Wrote:Hello,
what about support of STM32L03x series in project wizard?

If you modify the wizard xml/scripts and project resources then I will included them in the next release.
Hello Embitz, first of all congratulations for EmBlocks, it was a great tool and allowed me to greatly simplify the management of projects.
Since I make development and maintenance both on ARM and on legacy MSP430, I hope you will keep alive the MSP430 toolchain.
I think the ability to have all projects on the same IDE is a great feature and should not be lost.
Few days ago, i moved everything under Embitz 1.0 without problems, but for next releases, it isn't clear if and how I will be able to use the MSP-FET430UIF with the new EB-Link.
Also, since I get many j-link adapters, I would appreciate the chance to use them at least on the already developed ARM-based projects.

Anyway my compliments, great job!
Ok , good feedback.

I don't have a clue how many MSP430 users there still are. So it is good to make some noise so now and then.
Are you using it often?

I saw that you also became a Member, thanks! If necessary I will add MSP430 related stuff to it.
Thank you very much for the answer, I think I will not use MSP430 for new projects.
I currently use CubeMX for STM F4/L4 (w,w/o FreeRTOS) and with using Embitz I easly transferred a lot of old MSP430 projects under the ARM toolchain.
Unfortunately, I work in the field of cruise ship safety and all devices must guarantee an average life of 20 years.
As you can imagine, often I have to analize, debug and upgrade the functions of the old MSP430 systems without replacing the hardware.
I hope to hear some other in my same situation but, if I am the only, I think I can freeze Embitz 1.0 for all my old projects and use new releases for ARM toolchain only.
(27-11-2016, 10:20 AM)hull Wrote: I think I can freeze Embitz 1.0 for all my old projects and use new releases for ARM toolchain only.

Yes, that's a good practice anyway. Archiving your used EB version together with your sources has no big impact on size, even less if you remove arm related stuff such as toolchains.  There is no reason not to do so. That EB is easily portable makes it a perfect way of long term archiving. Just unpack your tool zip and, if Microsoft is not changing too much in the future, you are up and running again. I'm doing the same with my ARM projects.
Hummmm, but EmBitz preferences aren't portable, are they?
I also want to Portable version EmBitz. Very convenient to copy on a flash drive and run with it without installation.
(18-07-2016, 12:30 PM)EmBitz Wrote: @DD4DA

My remark was more about the google approach than cloud computing, If i need a account and register all kind of stuff before I can using the OS then I'm out. I know, I can, deep down, bypass all kind of stuff but I don't like that direction. I understand that MS has to follow google if it want's to survive but I don't like it, so Linux is the way to go I think.

That's my point.

Microsoft did not needs to do anything to survive, becaue nothing else are availabe who is comparable to windows. They do the online registering (that's bother me too) and activating their products similar like all other companies who want get the license fee for sure. Nothing else is more cracked than microsofts products and shared by the internet in various times. Is this a fair threadment? The most poeple pays hundrets of Euros or dollars for their hardware, games and others. Why should the OS be free available ? I remeber a time where the license fee for a an operating system where in range of US$2000.- (Sinix, AT&T Unix with ODT, HP-UX...) and this contains less than a cheap linux this time.  The actual price for Windows10 Professional is in range of €130.- and this is full featured and can be installed by near everyone. This will be impossible for Linux for the next decades because linux is not linux and too many distributions are available with uncommon libs, path and desktop.

The great freedom of design that linux offers, is at the same time the biggest obstacle to a further spread and thus the ability to be an alternative to windows. Windows lives from the fact that it is mostly equal in their handling. Microsoft's development of the Destop/GUI from Windows 8 to Windows 10 has triggered very violent reactions from customers that had to change microsoft's own policy several times. This shows how much the user has been accustomed to a more than 25-year-old operation and does not want any major change. Linux could learn from it, but it does not.  

Linux can be a good operating system - what it is not is a operating system for most private users. The commercial development is so expensive compared to Mac-OS-X (also a Unix), that there are hardly usable and current programs. These developments are almost all just taking place, because they should be an additional platform on the sales package. They do not earn money in any case. Exceptions are Appliance solution like firewall or routers and switches. However, you never see their sources. See Fortigate, Sophos, vSphere, VMWare ESXi, switches, and more.

All companies of expensive software products protect their Packages and most of the call the registration an key-activation as "Support contract" and you need to pay for that. There is nothing wrong because there are mostly hundrets or more of employers who needs to be payed for their day work - me too.

I have 3 Windows- and 1 Linux system running without problems in the last few years with both of them.

That's my point of view. 

be lucky with your system if this runs perfect - thats rare.

Gerhard, DD4DA

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