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Virtual COM port problem with EMBitz
I have made a project for STM32L433, with USB code, generated by CubeMX.
Windows 7, recognized the Virtual COM port, end the device successfully work with
any terminal program, the Python pyserial library, etc.
But with the Windows 10 I have problem.  It recognizes the COM port.  The Termite
terminal works too, but the Python pyserial and all programs excepts the Termite,
do not see it.

I tried to compile the same project with the CubeIDE, and it successfully works with
both Windows 7 and Windows 10 without any problems.

Maybe it is a problem of the GNU compiler.  It would be very desirable, if Gerard could
issue a new version of if for the embitz 1.11 before the new 2.0 version


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