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Copy, Paste Popup Menu
I don't know why codeblocks put such a handy "copy" and "paste" in a submenu? when you open popup menu in code editor.
that looks somehow weird. and causes me stall for a moment to search for it when "right click" somewhere.
I think, because 99% of the people are using shortcuts instead of context menu for this.
I am in the 1% of users, who prefer to use the right click menu. Really all the EmBitz users, whom I know,
as well need these functions in the right click. So 99% is reall much less than 99.
For me this is the only annoying feature of the EmBitz and if this will be changed to the standard way in the V2,
EmBitzh will become an ideal and perfect tool.

I never thought about this because I never use it. I peeked at different editors and I must admit that the current implementation is not the de facto default for Windows based app's.

I will change it but in compressed form, I don't like long context menu's. So only the copy/past and keep the others (e.g. redo/undo and select all) in submenu.
I changed it to


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