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Debugging session closes when pressing continue too fast
I sometime encounter an effect when debugging in embitz: when I am stepping from breakpoint to breakpoint and press F5 too fast before the debugger hast stopped I get a message window "GDB debugger Error" with the message "Cannot execute this command while the selected thread is running.". After confirming this message, the debug session stops, ignoring that the error actually would not be fatal. Is there a way to allow to stay in the debug session?
Do you have a small project to investigate this bug?
Also add the debug session file if you save the sessions in a separate file instead of in the project file.
Probably same kind of error. When I pressed "Session Start/Stop" then "Continue" too fast. I get the same message.. Is it possible to buffered the command until the thread is ready..
I suspect a small project won't do it since it is fast to load in device.

If you have a STM32F746G-DISCO board on hand.. you can try my ongoing project.
I will solve this for the next release.

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