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New version 2.6 available
There is a new EmBitz version 2.60 available for download.

This version is shipped with EBlink 4.8  which has now the capability to skip the voltage check by manually overruling the voltage on the CLI.  EBlink also supports now NXP and SAM3 with thanks to forum member jdubois.

The EmBitz modifications are a lot of bug fixes for the SVD viewer as well as some minor bug fixes. The probe interface supports the new EBlink voltage override.

This version still uses the GCC 9. I did some tests with the GCC 10.3 but discovered that the link time optimization is not that mature as 9 is. The generated code  with 10 without LTO is a bit more efficient so it was a hard decision which one to integrate. It's open for debate so if you have your thoughts, drop a comment below.

Have fun!

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Thanks for the update!  The SVD fixes are especially appreciated.  I was going to ask you about your choice of GCC to include.  I've been running my own version for a while, but it's easy enough to swap out whatever version you want that I don't think it's a huge deal which one you include.

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