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GCC Include as Macro Expansion
HI Gerald,

I want to do macro expansion using gcc inside Embitz.

You have custom tool that are very useful for that, but there is a missing variables that I need to do the job, and it is not known to me and it is not define in the list.

in the command below
GCC -I <directory_1> -I  <directory_2> <directory_etc> -E file.c

I need the variables to list all include directory for the macro expansion to occur.


Pretty sure it exist!!

Thank you, hope you can help

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No, there is no macro for the Include. The reason is that the compiler support is by a plugin module and the macro manager is part of the SDK.

Is it possible to use the generic GCC compiler target?
Quote:Is it possible to use the generic GCC compiler target?

I don't think so!

What I will do is: I'm going to make a command line app that will parse de .ebp file for the included directories and than call the gcc cmd to do the preprocessor pass only.. it will work.. if interested I will post the result.. it's a great tool to have!

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