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Quotes in variable expansion
EmBitz supports variable expansion such as the ${PROJECT_DIR}, ${TARGET_OUTPUT_DIR} and others.
If there is a space in the path, quotes are added and this is a very bad idea!
For example, let the project be in the folder

С:\MyProjects\STM32\Test Blink\

If you use variable expansion in the tool (e.g. flashing a hex file using EBlink).
This will mess up the command line which will be like this

"С:\MyProjects\STM32\Test Blink\"bin\Release\"Test Blink".hex

It is necessary that the quotes are not automatically added if there are spaces in the path. Then this tool will work fine.

-I stlink,swd -S stm32-auto -F file="${PROJECT_DIR}${TARGET_OUTPUT_DIR}${TARGET_OUTPUT_BASENAME}.hex"

Now this is not possible if there are spaces in the file path.
hmmm, I see.

If it doesn't give any backward compatibility problems then I will remove them
Ok, I have the same problem with my context menu handler if the file is in a spaced folder name.
I will solve this for the EBlink win32 version.

Alright, version 3.0 supports spaces in folder names
Here 3.0 pre-release.

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Error with quotes in EmBitz.
So I created a project named 12 34 located in the folder D:\STM32\
EmBitz added quotes in variable expansion and because of this the command line is "broken".

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