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Can EMbitz co-exist with ST Cube IDE?
Hi All,

I've been using Cube for 2+ years and while it has various problems

- buggy; needs occassional restart
- STLINK debugger connection "dies" regularly and need a USB cable reconnect
- in debug mode, opens random source files
- grabs focus so one accidentally enters keystrokes into the randomly opened source files
- is messy to set up on a new machine and import existing project
- some funny stuff running it over RDP (needs 24 bit colour, otherwise you get hundreds of weird error messages on loading)
- etc

it does work and is free. It runs on win7-64 (despite release notes saying win8+) which is important to me, and runs fine in a VMWARE VM which is also important for testing.

I would like to try out EMbitz but don't want to risk trashing my current project, which lives in c:\product_name\project1. Can the two co-exist completely? I realise that Cube has issues when editing files externally; generally this is solved by doing a Project / Clean. Cube keeps its config under c:\st and also under c:\users, with maybe a little bit in the project directory; this policy has been changing over the versions.

Does EMbitz run with STLINK V2 and V3 debuggers, and with variable speed (the ISOL versions are a lot slower)?

I run win7-64 although I do have a win10 laptop.

Thank you in advance.

I tried to edit my post but the edits disappeared, so a new post:

Does it support ITM Debug data channel?
I don't use MX but my project was originally started (by someone else) with MX to get some source code fragments.
The project uses FreeRTOS, LWIP, FatFS, MbedTLS, ST USB (CDC and MSC).
Well EB doesn't change anything related to Cude installed programs.

Embitz uses EBlink as GDB server and EBlink supports STLINK V2 and V3. I use EBlink on the same host PC with Embitz ( just how it is installed by the installer) and I use EBlink as a Wifi remote debug probe. I have a Raspberry on my workbench with multiple STlinks (V2 and V3) connected at the same time (multi-board system debugging) and which are connected through Wifi to my Embitz on my desk. Every debug probe uses his own TCP port.

EBlink raspberry images are inside the EBlink installation on your windows machine.
Thank you.

Does EMbitz store any data in the project directory? Mine looks like this

[Image: 202210090815984614.jpg]

I notice the .xml files are old and probably fossils from an old Cube version. I am also told the .settings directory contains some old junk.

EMbitz must be importing the Cube project config from somewhere. There are hundreds of settings e.g. linker settings, tool paths, etc.
Well, it uses project files and workspace file (not directories like Eclipse ) and sessions files to store debug sessions.
But all those files don't conflict with Eclipse.

But why don't you just launch the project wizard for a fake project and see for yourself how everything works?

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