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Download/Debugging Silabs BLue Gecko BGM111

I have "imported" a BGM111-Project from Simplicity Studio 4 to EmBitz.
It compiles/linked without any Errors.

When I start Debugging the J-Link-Interface opens.
My init-String is "-select USB -device BGM111 -if SWD -speed auto -noir"
The J-Link supports the BGM111-Modul/MCU
the gdb-server is: C:\Program Files (x86)\SEGGER\JLink_V630a\JLinkGDBServer.exe

Unfortunately the Download not starts.
the J-Link connect to the Target (Silabs EFR32BG1B232F256GM48)
read 4 Bytes (Register?) and thats all...

What's wrong.

EmBitz is much more faster/better than Simplicity Studio.

Kind regards

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Hi again,

the Flash with "JFlashLite.exe" (JLink_V630a) works.

Why don't starts EmBitz-Debugging not automatically. (and run to main())

Is there a newer EmBitz-Version (with maybe EBlink) that runs fine? Blush

Kind regards
Hi Thomas,
can you please desripe in short steps how to import an BGM111 Porject into the EmBitz ß

thx, Mark
Hi Mark,

"imported" - was a joke.
Start with the Wizard for "EnergyMicro"-Devices.
Than patch the Device in <project>.ebp the Linker-Skript (e.g. "$lscript=./efr32bg1b232f256gm48.ld")
The Debugger-Setting should looks likes this: "-device BGM111 -endian little -if SWD -speed auto -noir -LocalhostOnly" (with Segger JLinkGDBServer.exe)
The Flash-Download work.
But I got stuck to bring up the Debugger.
I will try to use EBlink to connect with the target.

Deal: When I get Help from the EmBitz-People, I import a whole "soc-emtpy" Project from Simplicity Studio to EB. Blush

Greetings Thomas

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