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No memory usage info after build
I'm playing lately with EmBitz probably doing something it was not supposed to be done...
trying to make a "combined project" where each build target has more than just "a few changed build options" (using different palforms, archs etc) 

I'm using "build targets" where each target has a different set of build and output directories. To simplify I wanted to use the ${TARGET_NAME} as the "base" folder name and have all the obj/bin under. 
To allow easy "cloning" of the target for different chips I thought of using variables in folder names, like this:

build is working ok, all files are generated at the right place but I noticed that there is no "usage report" at the end of build process, i get just this:
instead of the "usage" as normally:

If I remove the variables from the "Output filename" field and enter there a relative or absolute path the usage report is back again.
Is that supposed to be like this?

How can I show that "usage report" after build and keep variables in the output directory?
There is no option (at least I did not find anything) in options/settings/environment regarding that.

Any help would be appreciated.

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