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ST-Link V2-1 and Windows 10
(08-03-2018, 11:21 AM)vargham Wrote: "At the moment I have a Nucleo ST-Link snapped off from the main board and converted to J-Link - seems to program stand alone STM32 projects"
It should progam any device. The onboard (Nucleo, Discovery) ST-Link does not know anything about the target. It is a generic programmer.
But it is illegal: "The firmware is for use with evaluation boards only. It is not for use with custom hardware."

Yeah I wondered whether the J-Link ST-Link firmware was restricted to mcu's that had discovery boards (specific model matches). Curious though - can the standalone ST-Link V2 be reprogrammed as a J-link? I'll have to try it I guess.
"can the standalone ST-Link V2 be reprogrammed as a J-link?"

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