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STlinkGDB support for STM32F413

Please add support for the F413.  Its a nice chip that I used for a project that needed lots of UARTs (it has 10).  I just committed changes to texane/stlink on github for this chip.  I would be happy to test on my target board.

Mike Schwerin

Chip details from my texane/stlink commit:

STLINK_CHIPID_STM32_F413 = 0x463

            // RM0430 DocID029473 Rev 2 document was used to find these parameters
            // Figure 2, Table 4, Table 5, Section 35.2
            .chip_id = STLINK_CHIPID_STM32_F413,
            .description = "F4 device",
            .flash_type = STLINK_FLASH_TYPE_F4,
            .flash_size_reg = 0x1FFF7A22,   // "Flash size data register" Section 35.2
            .flash_pagesize = 0x4000,        // Table 5. Flash module organization (variable sector sizes, but 0x4000 is smallest)
            .sram_size = 0x50000,        // "SRAM" byte size in hex from Figure 2 (Table 4 only says 0x40000)
            .bootrom_base = 0x1FFF0000,     // "System memory" starting address from Table 4
            .bootrom_size = 0x7800       // "System memory" byte size in hex from Table 4

Could you try to add this in EB-link? Just as a test case if this is doable by users.
If you would like to give it a try, please continue the thread here:

Sneak preview EB-link


I have a board with the same chip, and I'm stuck with a crashing STLinkGDB.exe
Is the update available somewhere?



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