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Split view with different files
Familiar with C on embedded systems, but being new to C++ I found em:blocks as an excellent replacement for the poor C++ capabilities of the Keil editor. I look forward to exploring em::block's other features.

There is one thing I miss: Split view of different files. This is neat on wide sreen displays. As an example I have opened stm32f4xx_dma.c and stm32f4xx_exti.c with the Keil IDE:

With em::blocks I have found a split view option for the same file only. Or do I just overlook something?

Drag & Drop seems to be the answer... :-)
For those wondering what "drag & drop" relates to (as I did):

Drag a file's tab toward the top/bottom/left/right edge of the editor view where you want to get that file's view.
As the dragged mouse cursor nears an edge, a shaded rectangle will appear at the place where the new view will open.
If you are satisfied with that position, end the dragging right there ("drop" it). If not, keep dragging until you get it to a position you want.
To close that view (while keeping the file open), drag the file's tab to original view's set of tabs.

The newly created view will have its own set of file tabs if you drag more files to it (seems that newly opened files get opened in the main view only).
You can move files between views by dragging file tabs to another view's set of tabs (not to the middle of the view).

Play a bit with the feature to get the feeling how it works.

(Yeah, I know the thread is old but I felt it needs explanation as it is the first hit on Google when searching for this feature).
That was an excellent hint and allows flexibility for large screen development. The save as new perspective view is a quick way to create specific combinations.
Cheers, Ollie

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