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Latest EBlink
Latest scripts also at github

    Install: sudo apt install ./eblink-debian-amd64.deb
    Remove:  sudo dpkg  --remove eblink-debian-amd64

    Install: sudo apt install ./eblink-debian-armhf.deb
    Remove:  sudo dpkg  --remove eblink-debian-armhf

Installed files

    /usr/bin/eblink                    // Executable 
    /usr/share/eblink                  // Scripts folder 
    /etc/profile.d/            // EBlink Environment variables export at linux startup 
    /etc/udev/rules.d/80-eblink.rules  // The STlink device registrations 

The following environment variables are active and for Linux after reboot:


Windows installer

The published installer will not only install EBlink with all the script files but also the 32/64 bit shell context menu handler which makes it possible e.g. to flash files or to start the GDB server from the windows explorer context menu. The installer will restart windows explorer to make the context menu's available!!!

Remark: The EBlink installer wont install STlink drivers.

After installation there is an EBlink uninstall in the windows "Remove applications" section which will cleanup all EBlink related stuff.

Usage from command prompt

You can launch EBlink from every command prompt after installation, e.g. to launch GDB server eblink -G


    GDB launch:    eblink -G
    Flash file:        eblink -F file=test.elf      (file location is relative to the command prompt CWD)
    Target halt:     eblink -T cortex-m,halt 
    Target reset:    eblink -T cortex-m,reset=2    reset types: 0(default)=system,1=core,2=jtag
    Target resume:  eblink -T cortex-m,resume
    etc (check "eblink -h" ) 

IF you need a particular script file you can just overrule the environment by eblink -S silabs-auto -G
or if other interface options are needed eblink -I stlink,speed=1000 -G etc.

EBlink 4.7-21 packages

CRC32: dbebee78
MD5: a066ececb96d84c60463062293095706
SHA-256: 0348df9fe9e87b5fe83d95eef533aebbe975798b2fbbb0475b96fcb44833a37d

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