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Text block selection
(31-01-2023, 09:41 PM)Misc01 Wrote: Hi,

in version 2.5, the text block selection works different to version 1.11. When I use Shift+Alt+Cursor, I can select a rectangular block of characters. When typing with a block selected, the old behaviour was to add the typed key into every line that is covered by the block. With the version 2.5, typing results in the selection changing to the standard cursor and the typed key is entered only once. Is there a setting that has to be changed to restore the original behaviour?

I have missed the proper settings:

Settings Menu->Editor->Margins and Caret->Allow multiple Selections->Enable typing (and deleting) in multiple selections simultanously
must be checked.

Now typing in multiple lines works again. Only Backspace and Delete keys seem to have difficulties, but that was the same behaviour in the 1.11 version.

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