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Embitz with GCC-ARM - Tony201800 - 30-11-2018

Hello friends,

My apologies if this thread was already quizzed and answered. I am involved in a DIY project which includes bare metal dev on Pi 3 B+. I have downloaded and installed embitz 1.11 on WIndows 10. I also have a toolchain from ARM named: GCC-ARM-8.2-2018.08-x86_64-aarch64-elf.tar.xz.

I understand it's a toolchain for the linux platform. I would like to know how to get embitz configured to use this toolchain on WIndows 10. Is it even possible. I saw a youtube video where the presenter did what I am trying to do except that his toolchain was gcc-linux-arm.

If what I am trying to achieve is even remotely possible could someone please guide me of what I need to do to setup my environment.