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RE: Wow, v2 is here ! :-) - embitz - 28-10-2021

To be honest, we are dealing here with embedded systems on bare metal.
You have to think that way and don't expect that it behaviors the same as writing a console application in e.g. windows.

Why don't you try a few steps more or hit the run button, both take less than a second,  before jumping on this forum and start an issue?
I'm happy to help everybody but I'm also very busy.

RE: Wow, v2 is here ! :-) - vorosj - 28-10-2021

Thank you, the new line helps. Without it, no printout even in 100 cycles. Maybe it keeps filling a large buffer.

RE: Wow, v2 is here ! :-) - embitz - 28-10-2021


RE: Wow, v2 is here ! :-) - vorosj - 15-04-2022

Hi, any news about CubeMx import?