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Debugger Toolbar - Aroyer - 04-12-2020

Hi Gerald,

I have a suggestion or a question!.

I was able to edit the position of the 'run' and 'reset' icon in the toolbar by editing:
<object class="wxToolBarAddOn" name="debugger_toolbar">
in the debugger_toolbar.xrc (XML) in the ZIP file
C:\Program Files (x86)\EmBitz\1.11\share\EmBitz\debugger.zip

I'm goofy and want to change their position in the toolbar and adding separator so I don't hit the wrong button while debugging...

But the size of the toolbar is fixed...
Is there a keyword to use in the XML to change the size of it, so I can avoid the drop down menu as you can see?
if not, can you add it ?


RE: Debugger Toolbar - AVI-crak - 04-12-2020

There you can and should assign convenient buttons (F1.F2.F3.F4) - for quick navigation. Left-handed buttons.

RE: Debugger Toolbar - Aroyer - 04-12-2020

not really a shortcut guy Smile

RE: Debugger Toolbar - embitz - 05-12-2020


The size is not set to be honest. I think that if you delete the whole appdata embitz folder ( so also all the view perspectives) and restart EB that the toolbars could have the right sizes.
The whole point of that resource XML is that you don't have to worry about size etc.

And yes, you could also assigen shortcuts in that xml but with the shortcuts plugin its much easier and dynamic

RE: Debugger Toolbar - Aroyer - 09-12-2020


Deleting the App data worked!!!

Thank you, Gerald.