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Update 1.11 -> 2.60 - Alex - 07-06-2023

"Never change a running system"...
But now I wanted to update from EmBitz 1.11 to 2.60

On 2.60, opening existing project (from 2.11) it displays:
"this project file was saved with an older version of EmBitz.
This version doesn't have the capabilities to convert, please update this version..."

Should I install some intermediate (which one?) version first ?

If I close the message, my project appears. It seems to compile, but not to debug. So, maybe it is due to this conversion?

Many thanks,

RE: Update 1.11 -> 2.60 - embitz - 07-06-2023

Hi Alex,

Do you need to reconfigure your debug interface? 2.60 has a completely different interface settings so during the reading of the old 1.11 project file the debug settings are not copied. You have to set the new interface manually but it's not much work.

Also, 1.11 had the special EmBitz libraries and the EmBitz GCC compiler so also check your compiler and linker options and switches in the new version project file.

You don't need any intermediates. I don't recall the exact differences between 1.11 and 2.x series because that 1.11 waas many years ago.