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Debugging "Next line" - PDonchev - 10-06-2022

Sometimes there is a problem with the "Next Line" command at the end of loops. EmBitz does not stop the execution of the code. This usually happens with optimized code, but in the attached project the problem can be reproduced with "Debug" target.
This is not a problem with Eblink because I have the same problem with other gdb servers.
EmBitz version 2.41.

RE: Debugging "Next line" - embitz - 19-06-2022

This is GDB related

RE: Debugging "Next line" - PDonchev - 20-06-2022

(19-06-2022, 05:21 PM)embitz Wrote: This is GDB related

I think the gdb server just execute the commands sent from EmBitz. This happens to eblink and others. EmBitz simply continues to issue step commands, even when the end of the cycle has passed then whole think repeats.

RE: Debugging "Next line" - embitz - 21-06-2022

Well, that's not the case. The abstraction level is different, GDB is doing this.

E.g. You can single step over lines from CLI with only GDB. An IDE debugger is only a sophisticated front-end for GDB.

RE: Debugging "Next line" - PDonchev - 21-06-2022

I got it. Thanks for the explanation and patience.