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memory usage - Alex - 07-06-2022

Probably a very simple question...
Where can I see memory usage (Flash, Ram) after compiling ?
From previous IDE's I could see it in map file if I remember well.

Thank you !

RE: memory usage - Alex - 07-06-2022

P.S.: still running v1.1, as I prefer not to update while running project

RE: memory usage - embitz - 09-06-2022

You can find that in the "Build messages" log.

You can also click at the map file to open it (see highlighted part in picture)


RE: memory usage - Alex - 09-06-2022

Thank you for your prompt reply !
Sorry, I was some confused...
On my install, Build log is providing the information:
Used memory resources:
  text   data     bss     dec     hex
  64372   1088   2140   67600   10810
somewhere in the middle of the log file,

whereas "build message" only displays

||=== Build finished: 0 errors, 10 warnings (1 minutes, 44 seconds) ===|

RE: memory usage - PDonchev - 11-06-2022

Probably you are using a generic (external) GCC Compiler.