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memory usage - Alex - 07-06-2022

Probably a very simple question...
Where can I see memory usage (Flash, Ram) after compiling ?
From previous IDE's I could see it in map file if I remember well.

Thank you !

RE: memory usage - Alex - 07-06-2022

P.S.: still running v1.1, as I prefer not to update while running project

RE: memory usage - embitz - 09-06-2022

You can find that in the "Build messages" log.

You can also click at the map file to open it (see highlighted part in picture)


RE: memory usage - Alex - 09-06-2022

Thank you for your prompt reply !
Sorry, I was some confused...
On my install, Build log is providing the information:
Used memory resources:
  text   data     bss     dec     hex
  64372   1088   2140   67600   10810
somewhere in the middle of the log file,

whereas "build message" only displays

||=== Build finished: 0 errors, 10 warnings (1 minutes, 44 seconds) ===|

RE: memory usage - PDonchev - 11-06-2022

Probably you are using a generic (external) GCC Compiler.

RE: memory usage - dalbert - 25-05-2023

(09-06-2022, 08:59 AM)embitz Wrote: You can find that in the "Build messages" log.

You can also click at the map file to open it (see highlighted part in picture)

I think what they are asking is if you could show RO memory usage (.text+.extab+.exidx+.data) separately in the same way you show RW memory (.data + .bss).  I know it's not perfect, but it would give users a feel for how close they are to running out of flash/ram with each build.

RE: memory usage - embitz - 26-05-2023

Ah I see, but the problem is that those memory segments are linker script specific. Although is almost defacto standard they may have, and can have, other names etc.

RE: memory usage - Operton - 01-06-2023

I use this linker flag to print out the memory usage of my STM32H7 project:

The output looks like this (in the Build log window):
Memory region         Used Size  Region Size  %age Used
        ITCM_RAM:          0 GB        64 KB      0.00%
        DTCM_RAM:       30136 B       128 KB     22.99%
         SRAM_D1:      463256 B       512 KB     88.36%
        SRAM1_D2:       98764 B       127 KB     75.94%
        ETH_DESC:         480 B         1 KB     46.88%
        SRAM2_D2:          0 GB       128 KB      0.00%
        SRAM3_D2:       32735 B        32 KB     99.90%
        SRAM4_D3:          0 GB        64 KB      0.00%
        BOOT_RAM:          16 B        256 B      6.25%
      BACKUP_RAM:          92 B       3840 B      2.40%
           FLASH:      975388 B         2 MB     46.51%

RE: memory usage - embitz - 01-06-2023

That's a nice one! I wasn't familiar with this linker option.
Maybe something to integrate into the compiler build engine.


The next release will have this linker option
For the current 2.60 release you can update the compiler plugin with the one attached here below.