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find implementation - vorosj - 17-03-2022

If I right click on a function and select "find implementation" in main.c, it only finds the function it it's in main.c.
It it's in a library, for example HAL_Delay(), I get a Warning: Not found: HAL_Delay.
However, "find functions called by" is working.

RE: find implementation - embitz - 17-03-2022

"Find implementation" uses the Code Completion plugin which is not really state of the art.
"Find functions called by" uses the external Cscope tool by the Cscope pluginĀ (as Calling and References)

RE: find implementation - martinst - 29-07-2022

It would be really nice when this can be fixed.

RE: find implementation - embitz - 30-07-2022

I agree, but it isn't a matter of fixing but building.