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  Sometime debugging not work
Posted by: dccomp - 20-06-2018, 10:10 AM - Forum: EmBitz IDE - No Replies

Hello all,
I bought 15 ST32F407G Discovery boards (at two different dealers). 9 Works completely at 6 comes the error: "debug server is closed / terminated, debug session will stop" when I try to connect with EMBitz (V1.11).
When I connect to the STM32 ST-LINK utility, all the boards work. All have the same (latest) ST-LINK firmware version V2J29M18.
I also got the latest ST-LINK driver and installed.
I work with Windows 10 Pro.
Does anyone have an idea what that could be?

Many thanks for your help.

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  reproducible crash sequence
Posted by: jheissjr - 31-05-2018, 03:16 PM - Forum: EmBitz IDE - Replies (2)

I identified a sequence of adding comments to a text file that creates an unhandled exception.  

To reproduce the unhandled exception, open arm_common_tables.c file in EmBitz.  Select all text with Ctrl-A.  Comment the text with Ctrl-Shift-C. An unhandled exception occurs when the text is commented.

The test file exceeds the 200kB forum limit - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1K8YdrLX...sp=sharing

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  STM8 Cosmic support
Posted by: RaJa - 08-05-2018, 05:36 PM - Forum: STmicro - Replies (1)

From 2016 Cosmic for STM8 is fully supported in STVD, it's free and have no functionality limits.
It's fully compatible with STM8 SPL unlike SDCC. 
It would be nice if a dubugging could be integrated in embitz.
Integrating device wizards I could help (scripts) but debugger is core functionality. 
Is it possible to support this family of MCU?

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  Better assert
Posted by: smitjs - 08-05-2018, 04:30 PM - Forum: General - Replies (2)

I have to send assert output through canbus to the display unit.
At present my assert looks like this:
.h file
#define assert(left,operator,right)\
    if(!((left) operator (right))) \
     {asprintf(&astrbuf,"\nAssert error %s %d %ld %ld\n",__FILE__, __LINE__,\

.c file
void asserted(void)
{ dprint("%s",astrbuf);
  cmd_text(10,50,30,0, astrbuf);
This is followed by the code to switch off outputs.

This works very well, example:
assert(millis, <, maxtime);

What irks me is that I cannot see how to send the operator to asprintf.
It would be so much better if the operator could also be displayed.
Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you
Johan Smit

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  STLinkGDB does not work with STM32F722
Posted by: vdaniel - 08-05-2018, 12:31 PM - Forum: Debug interface scripting - Replies (4)

Dear EmBitz,

The STLinkGDB does not work with STM32F722, while it works Ok with STM32F746.
The message:

Remote debugging using localhost:4242
0x010000000x01000000 in ?? ()
Loading section .isr_vector, size 0x1e0 lma 0x8000000
Note: automatically using hardware breakpoints for read-only addresses.
Error: Warning:Cannot insert hardware breakpoint 1:Remote communication error.  Target disconnected.: No error..

In previous similar case you asked for the device name and ID.
Here are the data:

Device STM32F72x/F73x
Device ID 0x452
Revision ID Rev A

I have an urgent project, which I do not want to switch to other toolchain.
Please, can you help me before the next release?

Thank you very much,

EmBitz member


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  feature or bug in IDE context menu?
Posted by: escalator - 12-04-2018, 03:28 PM - Forum: EmBitz IDE - Replies (2)

    Hi, notice the top choices in the (right-clicked) menu: some include the tilde operator to the left of TIM_IT_CC1, some (correctly) do not. BTW in the text, the tilde is separated by a space.

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  How to Copy Wizard Script-Files?
Posted by: Jay - 02-04-2018, 07:35 AM - Forum: EmBitz IDE - No Replies


I have made some custom scripts for the file-wizard to create class-templates when creating c++ h-files and the function implementation of the corrosponding h-file, when creating a cpp-file.
It works pretty good and I like to share it with u, but I dont know how to copy the script-files from the embitz directory (%appdata). When I try to just copy them with windows, I do only get the original file, not my modified one. It only works to copy the code in a txt-file and paste it into another one.
How to do this proberly?

thanks and happy easter monday.

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  cluster contents in .svd not shown in reg viewer
Posted by: jheissjr - 26-03-2018, 09:51 PM - Forum: EmBitz IDE - Replies (6)

Using an .svd file with <cluster> does not seem to show the cluster contents in the register window.  Do I possibly have a mistake somewhere?

The .svd file was too large to upload to the forum.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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  Single stepping STM32F091
Posted by: vargham - 06-03-2018, 10:28 AM - Forum: ARM gdb - Replies (1)

I have several STM32 CubeMX / HAL projects and I use EmBitz as IDE. All porjects working fine, including compilation and debugging. There are projects with STM32F103, STM32F205, STM32F207, STM32F405, STM32F429, STM32L476, etc. There is one exception: Execution single stepping is not working with STM32F091 target. Always steps into timer interrupt and never get out. Is there a solution? Thanks.

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  Atmel-Ice Debugger
Posted by: ben - 06-03-2018, 03:19 AM - Forum: EmBitz IDE - Replies (1)


I have a Microchip/Atmel-ICE debugger that works fine using Keil uVision and Atmel Studio but I'd love to try EmBitz.

The problem is I'm not sure about the driver, under Keil, the settings needed to point to CMSIS-DAP..
and in Atmel Studio (GCC), it automatically recognized the debugger (SWD), so not sure what it's using under the hood (gdb server?)

How can I configure EmBitz to use the AT Atmel-ICE debugger?   Can it also do ITM/SWV, and redirect the printf to the console?


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