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  Multiple linker scripts
Posted by: AlexNL - 16-12-2017, 11:25 PM - Forum: EmBitz IDE - Replies (2)

Hello! Thanks you for great IDE!!
So, my question is: Can i have separate linker script files for debug and release. I tried setup this in project property, but it doesn't work. 

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  STLinkGDB Debugger Server is closed/terminated
Posted by: kriisi - 15-12-2017, 10:31 AM - Forum: ARM gdb - Replies (1)

I have been working several months with my STM32L1xxx project with Embitz 1.11 on Windows 10. Some times I have needed to restart the IDE to get the debugger working. Now however I have tried all my different projects, two different debuggers (different cables too) and I have restarted IDE several times (and the target) and I have restarted windows and changed STLinks USB port. Now I'm out of ideas since there are no error messages to study.
With STM32 ST-LINK Utility I can still connect to target and program the sw. Just the Embitz debugger wont work.
Device manager says the debugger is working fine and there are no errors in windows events.
Only thing I haven't tried is installing Embitz again or using some other manufacturers debugger.
From JTAG I have only six wires connected (VCC, GND, TRST, TMS, TCLK, TDO ).

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Sad EbMonitor stopped working
Posted by: OliviliK - 15-12-2017, 02:47 AM - Forum: EmBitz IDE - Replies (4)

I can do single stepping and all other debugging commands in my F407 project.  I have enabled the EbMonitor in tools and linker settings like in all other projects where EbMonitor is working.

Could the problem be in the loader file?  In past, I did use loader files provided by EmBitz.  Now, I am generating all source files and loader file with CubeMX.  I can see that the old project map files have the _read and _write symbols.  In the new project map file, there are no duplicate definitions for these.  Actually, there are no _read and _write symbols.

How can I fix this?

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  transferring data to the console via SWO
Posted by: jheissjr - 12-12-2017, 02:33 PM - Forum: EmBitz IDE - Replies (2)

I really like the new EBmonitor.  I have one question about it so far.  If one were to write data to the ITM register in the Cortex-M core, will the data appear in the console?

void main()
 ITM->PORT[0] = 'H';
 ITM->PORT[0] = 'i';

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  Custom Tools Don't Stay Open
Posted by: troyerta - 08-12-2017, 06:24 PM - Forum: EmBitz IDE - Replies (1)


I'm using an external compiler, and want to make some git integration options and whatnot. 

Embitz seems to be able to run .bat scripts from the Tools setup. It's really pretty cool.

However, I cannot seem to get any of the "Launching Options" to act distinctly from each other. This is inconvenient.

I can so far launch my console (Console2) from the .bat script, and call my own compiler tools and whatnot, but the window that Embitz launches ALWAYS disappears, no matter which of the launching options I choose. This is bad for reading compiler results after compilation completion.

I tried editing my .bat to include the standard '/B' and '/k', and 'pause &' flags, but none of them seem to work.

My problem would be solved if the radio buttons under "Launching Options" actually worked, I think.

Right now, my executable in the 'Edit tool' window is my batch file, and there are no parameters.

Maybe it could also be solved if I chose my executable as Console2.exe, and used my .bat file as the parameter from the 'Edit tool' window?

I'm thinking the parameters field expects windows cmd params, and not Console2 params. 

Anyone have any ideas for how I can keep my compiler results console window open?

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  Desperate for help with STM32L152
Posted by: stevegembitz - 07-12-2017, 07:33 PM - Forum: ArmGCC - EmBlocks - Replies (3)

Somebody please help I am going round in circles.

I've been using Embitz for well over a year with no problems using an STM32F429 procesor and the latest ST  HAL libraries.

However I am trying to do a project using the STM32L152 processor which is a Cortex-M3 core.

If I put "-mfloat-abi=soft" in the compile flags I get "-mfloat-abi=soft and -mfloat-abi=hard may not be used together".
If I get rid of the "-mfloat-abi=soft" everything compiles but it then fails at the link stage with the linker errors each file with
"xxx.o uses VFP register arguments, .\build\project.elf does not".
I've managed to get an mbed 152 project e.g. Nucleo_blink_led_152 sort of working although I couldn't debug
it... to be pursued.

Any help or guidance would be gratefully appreciated.

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  J-Link, ST-Link capabilities
Posted by: jheissjr - 06-12-2017, 09:44 PM - Forum: EmBitz IDE - No Replies

SWD mode on a debug probe has several capabilities.  J-Link and ST-Link use the SWO pin as a UART type interface where the application on the Cortex sends printf data to a PC console. 

There are notes that the probes also have SWV event and data tracing, and software instrumented tracing.  I would like to understand, what is event and data tracing?  What is interrupt and exception event logging?  Is this data available from the macrocell, is it code the user inserts in an program?

A last follow up last question, are there any thoughts on adding J-Trace support for instruction and data tracing?

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  STM32L07x/08x Support?
Posted by: ronsegal - 03-12-2017, 05:03 AM - Forum: STmicro - Replies (4)

Trying out Embitz. Downloaded the latest version.  Disappointed that there doesn't seem to be support for more recent STM32L0 mcus with 192K Flash / 20K Ram.  I use the STM32L073 extensively. Is there a plugin or upgrade to support this device?  Thanks, Ron.

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  .atdf thoughts
Posted by: jheissjr - 17-11-2017, 03:28 PM - Forum: EmBitz IDE - Replies (4)

It appears Atmel Cortex-M7 parts, which include the SAM S70, SAM V70, SAM E70 families, use .atdf files instead of .svd.  Has there been any interest in .atdf for EmBitz?

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  Mbed project in EmBitz 1.1
Posted by: schauhan - 09-11-2017, 01:17 AM - Forum: EmBitz IDE - Replies (1)

I have exported an blinky project from ARM Mbed (version 5.6.4) to Embitz.  It compiles without any errors.  However, every time make a change in one of the source files, the entire project recompiles.  In other words there is no difference between Build and Rebuild.  Considering there are hundreds of files in Mbed this takes too much time.  Is there a project setting where this behavior is controlled?

Thanks in advance.

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