Full Version: emBitz, MK66, Debugger and Source Code Syncing
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Have built a project based on NXP's MK66 MCU. I can download the program but the debugger brings up the wrong C source code (normally it would be the reset handler function or the main() function).

The Disassembly window however does show stepping through the reset handler code. 

"Debug->Interfaces->GDB server.Device family: generic".
"Debug->Interfaces->GDB server->Settings->Connect/Reset: -select USB -device MK66FN2M0xxx18 -if SWD -speed auto".
"Debug->Interfaces->GDB server->Settings->After connect: monitor reset <cr> load".

Even tried "Debug->Interfaces->GDB server->Settings->Before connect: dir ..\Source" to locate the startup file and main.c.

So that it is recorded...

A blank project was created and source files were added. Machinations moved source code around to other folders and this may have caused loss of tracking - don't know - the project file (.epb) seemed ok.

Anyway, the project was deleted and a new blank project created. Source files were then added from the desired folders. And we got to go!