Full Version: Some winXP: No interface configure menu action
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When I try to setup my flash tool with Flash->Configure flash tool, EmBitz hangs and doesn't perform any actions.
I have Win10 Pro 64bit build 19042.1288.

Actually is it a right topic to report bugs?
It works here and at several test machines.

Perhaps try reinstall or other machine. I think that somehow your layout XML files are mixed up.
I think that that Flash menu needs some explanation.

Inside EmBitz, only targets can be flashed and not foreign files. This is because, if there is no target, there are no debugger settings.
So only if a valid target is active with EBlink as debug interface (and not remote debug) there is an option to configure flash settings.
The flash settings can be found at the last tab of the debug interface settings.

If you need to program a foreign file, please use the context menu in windows explorer. Go to your elf, intel hex or motorola srec file and right click on it.
Hit the "Flash file" meu option.

Or flash it from the command line with "eblink -f file=<myfile>"
I had the same issue as Polarisru on a WinXp SP3 machine. On another machine with exactly the same setup all works fine.

Examining the behaviour with SysInternals ProcessExplorer stated that on both machines EbLink.exe starts when clicking Flash->Configure Flashtool. On the working machine, EbLink.exe is terminated after doing some queries and the configure dialog shows up. The failing machine keeps EbLink.exe running and seems to hang. After killing EbLink.exe with Taskmanager, the dialog pops up and everything can be configured.

Has anyone a solution for this?
And if you access the interface options through the Debug->Interfaces is that working?

EmBitz uses the undocumented cli switch "eblink -i" to get a list of all the supported interfaces from Eblink. So it is hanging in that query I guess.

Would be nice if we could tackle this before the next scheduled update somewhere at the end of december.
Hi EmBitz

Thank you for the quick response. That's what I call Support!

I see exactly the same behaviour when using Debug->Interfaces

I played around with EbLink -i. EmBitz is running, a CLI window is open. These are the results:

Working machine:
  • STlink connected. EbLink -i prints 'StLink' and terminates, ok. When starting EbLink -i multiple times in sequence, it will hang after some calls, very irregular.
  • After disconnecting StLink, EbLink -i prints 'StLink' and hangs, must be closed using task manager. 
  • Clicking Flash->Configure Flashtool  and Debug->Interfaces also work with disconnected StLink.

Failing machine:
  • After a reboot, EbLink -i terminates exactly once as it should, regardless of the connected STlink device. Every subsequent call hangs.
  • Using both Flash->Configure Flashtool and Debug->Interfaces always hang, even after a reboot

Hope this helps a bit
And it is only windows XP? Which version 32 or 64 bits?

Problem is, I can't reproduce it. I installed XP as a virtual machine and so far it works.

Also, eblink -i doesn't access any hardware, it just returns a list and that's it. Pure simple console application in the category "Hello world" .
It's XP 32 bit, SP3
I did not see this on Win10

I tried to run EbLink -i from within Visual Studio. When I attach to the hanging process, Visual Studio responds The process appears to be deadlocked or is not running any user-mode code. When halting the process, it stops somewhere in ntdll.dll.
I attached VisualStudio's call stack.

When starting EbLink -i in Visual Studio,  it works ok, terminates as it should, so it's not possible to see where it hangs.

Tony, gives "eblink -t" the same problems?
Anti-virus perhaps??

I have 32 SP3 installed on vmWare and I can't get it hanging.
Hi EmBitz

Sorry for the delay!

Yes, 'eblink -t' behaves exactly same

And no, I have no antivirus installed

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