Full Version: Editing in EmBitz
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Hi Embitz,

Congratulations on the bright new version.

I was impatient for the new editing possibilities.  But I checked
the main editing commands are still in the Edit submenu.

A couple of years ago you promised to move the main editing
commands: cut, copy, paste to the initial right-click menu.

With the new debugging possibilities and the wizard, EmBitz thus
will become an ideal tool.

Great thanks in advance,

If I select text then I get the cut,copy and past at the menu root.
Also the past (if any on clipboard) is on the root.

The only thing under Edit menu is the redo/undo and some text tweaks.

I remember that we had this discussion in the past but I can't recall the out come (and the promise Smile )
Hi, EmBitz,

I am sorry that did not notice these commands in the main menu.
The Edit submenu misled me.

Now I am happy.